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Zoolbia is a marketing app designed from ground up for the everyday needs of farsi speaking European citizens and non-citizens.

Legal Disclaimer

Hi folks ... we had to bring down the app from both app stores and the web application in order to deal with some legal issues. We hope to be live again by July 2023.
Thanks for your patience and support.

Meanwhile you can still fill out the form or contact us to join the list.



After launching our Betha version in July 2023 on all app-stores, we will start to build extra functionalities within the "zoolbia app" as well as for its web-application for the purpose of empowering Farsi Speaking local businesses to be able to benefit from our programming skills for free, without having to pay a webagency develop those needed functionalities

exclusively for their website



UK +44 7840 00 34 90

Germany +49 30 55 22 43 03



Head of Marketing
Zoolbia App

Mr. Magic Bryant

OO Pictures GmbH /

Sucher Web Design Studio

Lueckstrasse 23



Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00


Ust-ID : DE311357442
Steuernummer : 37/461/50746
Handelregister Nummer :

 HRB 176262 B

CEO : Farbod Firoozi


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