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Bio - Hossein Farokhzadeh

Born in Kazeroon in 1985 during the Iran-Iraq war, he spent his post-war childhood in Abadan, where he developed a passion for theater. By eighteen, he had already published reviews on films & theater peaces in local publications. Over the next few years, he immersed himself in the theater scene, acting and working as a dramatic adviser in various festivals. In 2014, his journey took him to Tehran, where he penned a script addressing the plight of children without birth certificates. This script evolved into "Valdrama" (2016), which was showcased in the Generation section of the Berlin Film Festival, marking a pivotal moment in his cinematic journey. Subsequently, he wrote "Hendi and Hormuz" (2018), "I am Here" (2020), "Slaughterhouse" (2020), and "Endless Borders" (2023), further establishing his voice in the world of cinema.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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