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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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"Non-Citizen" is a hub dedicated to impact storytelling, with a mission to empower the younger generation as storytellers engaging with the world around them through generating news stories as activists.




For Youth 15-35 years old, (Who?) trying to research topics & and understand news stories which (Why?) demand contextualization for their complexity and multidimensionality, we are developing a product (What?) which is a “gamified news media library” in the form of a hub (Web platform, App,Events, Workshops), empowering impact storytelling

of citizen reporters about the margins and crises.

The Problem that faces News- Media

Today's media landscape is riddled with challenges that undermine its credibility and objectivity. The rise of sensationalism, driven by the race for ratings and clicks, often overshadows nuanced, balanced reporting. Media outlets, influenced by political or corporate interests, sometimes present biased perspectives, leading to a polarized audience. The proliferation of fake news on social media platforms further muddies the waters, making it difficult for the average consumer to discern fact from fiction. As a result, trust in traditional media is eroding, underscoring the need for platforms that champion authentic, diverse, and unbiased narratives.


1. Multi-Directional Views:

  Feature: Our platform promotes diverse perspectives on events, challenging the one-sided narratives often seen in mainstream media.
  Benefit: Users gain a holistic understanding of events, free from singular biases.

2. Citizen Reporters:

  Feature: "Non Citizen" empowers everyday individuals to report and share their firsthand experiences.
  Benefit: Authentic, grassroots journalism brings forth untold stories, bridging the gap between global events and personal experiences.

3. Narrative Creation:

  Feature: Users can craft, customize, and share their own versions of events.
  Benefit: This fosters a rich tapestry of perspectives, allowing for a more comprehensive view of events.

4. Youth Engagement:

  Feature: Our platform is tailored for the younger generation, integrating modern design and interactive elements.
  Benefit: Engaging the digital natives ensures that the future of media consumption is diverse and informed.

5. Gamification:

  Feature: Stories come to life with gamified elements, making news consumption more interactive and engaging.
  Benefit: By making news and events more immersive, users are more likely to engage deeply and understand the nuances of stories.


What We Need

Investment: To propel "Non Citizen" to its full potential, we're seeking strategic partnerships and investments from forward-thinking entities in the media industry. Your support will drive a revolution in how stories are told and consumed.

If you're a storyteller, writer, or journalist passionate about authentic storytelling, we invite you to join our growing network and enrich our platform with your unique voice.


Be a Part of the Media Revolution!

Whether you're an investor looking for groundbreaking ventures, a storyteller eager to share your tales, or a citizen reporter with a story that needs to be told, "Non Citizen" is your platform. Let's redefine the media landscape together.


Non-Citizen Workshop

Film Editing Workshop for Minors
from Asylumseeking families

Join OO Pictures & Iranische Gemeinde in Deutschland e.V for an exclusive Film Editing workshop designed for minors. This workshop is a great opportunity for young aspiring filmmakers to learn the art of editing and enhance their storytelling skills.

When: 11th of November 2023 between 11am-4pm

Where: OO Pictures GmbH, Lückstr. 23, 10317, Berlin

In this workshop, we will be working with critical thinking and storytelling methods targeting the theme of Racism and antisemitism. Limited seats are available, so hurry up and secure your spot before the end of October 2023.

Video Editing Workshop-noncitizen-png.png

The Team

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way the youth engage with news, transforming passive consumption into an interactive, enlightening experience. Through our gamified news media library, we envision a world where every young individual is not just informed but deeply understands the multifaceted narratives behind global events. By championing the voices of citizen reporters, we aim to create a dynamic, inclusive, and empowered community that shapes the future of media with authenticity and impact.

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